Air Washer DK

LTG’s Air Washers DK are intended for humidification and adiabatic cooling of air with water. By using large water quantities, they additionally achieve a washing effect on the air flow.

The air washers are intended for use in air-conditioning equipment, and consist of nozzle chambers with monocoque construction.

The tank and the housing of the nozzle chambers are made of GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) or stainless steel. A filter box is used to clean the water, and can be attached inside or outside the housing depending on the available space. Rectifiers are fitted at the air inlet side of the housing to achieve an even flow of air through the nozzle chamber. Separators are arranged at the air outlet in order to remove excess free water from the air – except for extremely fine and later-evaporating mist. Water splashes after the air inlet side are prevented by rectifier fins. The water is finely atomised by the spray nozzles in the nozzle chamber to create a mist. The nozzles are attached to a nozzle bank in the nozzle chamber. The circulation pump, which takes in the water after the filter, is fitted outside the nozzle chamber. An integrated float valve maintains a constant water level both during operation of the nozzle chamber and when it is idle. Different nozzles can be used to create different humidification conditions and water quantities.


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