In humidification, fresh water is atomised at high pressure and metered out to create a fine mist. The tiny water droplets evaporate very quickly, causing adiabatic cooling. Owing to its high efficiency and economy, this process requires very little water and permits energy savings of up to 85% when compared with conventional recirculating spray humidifiers. LTG’s high-pressure humidification systems with a hygiene certificate are suitable for use in the food, personal care, paper and automotive industries.

LTG air washers use larger water quantities to clean particle-laden or dust-laden air from production areas. The resulting waste-water is cleaned in a filter box.

These easy-maintenance systems can humidify directly or indirectly, and produce a relative humidity exceeding 100%. They are individually adjustable, which makes them ideal for every application. Their modular structure gives them extra versatility.

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