CompactDrum Filter CDF

The LTG Compact Drum Filter (CDF) is for fine filtration of dust from the primary airstream. A stream of air passes through fixed filter drums from the inside to the outside, and stripper nozzles touching the filter surface continually remove the dust. In order to extract all the dust from the drums, the nozzles rotate while at the same time moving linearly. The dust which is separated and extracted is passed by means of a conveying fan in the secondary circuit to a separator and so discharged from the process.

All functional components and drive parts are located on the pure gas side of the housing, contributing to operational reliability.

LTG Compact Drum Filters have the following advantages:

  • Regenerative filter unit
  • High performance density, large filter load
  • No pressure fluctuations in the extraction system thanks to continuous cleaning
  • High filter capacity and power density thanks to selected filter media
  • Long service life of filter media
  • Simple changing of the filter media
  • Low maintenance costs because all drive elements are located on the pure gas side
  • Space-saving installation thanks to compact design
  • Sturdy frame structure
  • Antistatic and ATEX versions available
  • High-temperature version available


Thanks to their ability to operate within a wide range of temperatures and with different solid concentrations, CDFs are suitable for extracting dust from machinery as well as for cleaning room air.

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