Tangential Fans
Series VQ 200 – 1000

The tangential fans in the VQ series are sturdy industrial versions with enhanced corrosion protection. They come with a free shaft end and a feather key, and are designed to be driven by a Vee-belt. The rugged and corrosion-resistant housing is made of galvanised steel or optionally of stainless steel. The impeller is made of galvanised steel.

The tangential fans in the VQ series are available in three versions:

  • VQN… up to 248 °F media temperature
  • VQH… up to 572 °F media temperature
  • VQT… up to 932 °F media temperature

Versions for media temperatures of up to 1 472 °F must be designed as per customer specifications and have been implemented for a number of applications, for example in the glass industry.

The series is supplemented with the slide-in unit VQE. With the overhung impeller on a motor shaft reduces the cost of engineering, assembly, operation and maintenance significantly.

  • VQE… slide-in unit with motor


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