Tangential Fans
Series T 125 – 200

LTG’s tangential fans in the T series have a flexible and modular design allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications. They have a bolted, corrosion-free and rugged housing made of seawater-resistant aluminium, and the side panels are of stainless steel. The impellers of LTG tangential fans are available in galvanised steel or optionally in stainless steel. The fans of the TM series come with motors that are flange-mounted on the left or right. The fans in the TW series have a free shaft end that can be driven by a belt drive or as a direct drive with an elastic coupling. Our TTF high-temperature version also has a freely projecting shaft end. This model can be used with media conveying temperatures of up to +482 °F.

All LTG tangential fans in the T series feature a high power density, excellent efficiency and quiet operation thanks to their aerodynamically efficient impellers and housing geometry. Moreover, the complete fans are balanced, with a balancing quality of at least G 6.3 as per DIN ISO 21940-11.


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