Functionality of Axial Fans

High volumetric flow plus high energy efficiency

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LTG axial fans are continuous flow machines for conveying air or gases. They are especially suitable for applications that require high air volumes.

In axial fans the air to be conveyed enters the impeller through the intake nozzle. The rotating impeller accelerates the air in axial direction.

The downstream guide vane straightens the flow.

The diffuser slows the airflow and raises the static pressure while keeping the total pressure constant.

LTG High Performance Axial Fans for solving your air handling Problems

The wide spectrum ranges from low to high pressure fans, including the perfect fan type with suitable Performance characteristic for any given operating point.

Besides standard models, specifically designed models for integration into existing systems are available.


  • High air volume

  • Optimum aerodynamic characteristics

  • High degree of Efficiency

  • Energy-efficient drives

  • Characteristic curve with limit Rating (no motor overload under operating conditions differing from optimum design range)

  • Quiet operation due to optimized impeller and housing design

  • Long life expectancy due to robust design

  • Designs for use under extreme conditions (e.g. high temperatures, aggressive media)

  • Explosion-proof models according to ATEX

  • Customer-specific solutions

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