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Ensuring defined properties and specific technical data decides on the possible uses and the commercial success of a product. In the field of air technology applications, acoustic measurements or flow studies are known, but not feasible in every laboratory. The LTG Aktiengesellschaft development centre has a number of state-of-the-art labs and test rigs, including an echo chamber conforming to DIN EN ISO 3741. Make use of these possibilities and the skills of LTG’s engineers for your own product development – from the initial idea to its validation on the market.

We develop jointly with you complete units and individual (machine) components, or adapt existing equipment to structural factors. In close cooperation, the new unit is designed and built, and a first prototype is made. The latter is used to check for the required performance parameters: our laboratory verifies calorific output, pressure distribution, acoustics, cooling/heating capacity and room flow / thermal comfort, besides other relevant parameters. This serves to identify any further potential for optimisation, and appropriate improvements are then directly incorporated into the final design.

Since operating parameters and framework conditions in the lab often differ from the actual installation situation, an on-the-spot verification of the lab values can be worthwhile in the case of project-specific developments. To prove that the stated practical requirements have been met, the new developments can, after being commissioned, be additionally checked in situ using mobile measuring instruments.

Some examples of product adaptations and developments that we have already accomplished with and for our customers:

  • an acoustic partition wall for offices with integrated air-conditioners
  • a desk with integrated recirculated-air unit for heating and cooling
  • an “invisible” air passage system integrated into a Knauf acoustic ceiling
  • an air outlet for firefighters’ smoke tests

Do you too have a specific requirement that can’t be met with standard products? Get in touch with us – we will make your challenge ours as well, and we can join forces to find the optimum solution!

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