Field Measurement & Optimization

Feldmessung und Optimierung

Field Measurement & Optimization

LTG Engineering Services test and optimize your ventilation concept or production process, live and on the spot, using the latest measuring equipment. Here you will find an overview of our services, including comfort measurements, general function tests and optimizations of (induction) systems. And if you have other requirements involving air technology, we look forward to receiving your call.

An important part of an optimum production process in many facilities is a filter system designed specifically for the application. Whether a planned filter system is suitable for a defined task can often only be ascertained by practical tests. We optimize your filter process on the spot – dependably and flexibly. More

Consistent quality in products depends on many different process parameters. Crucial among these are flow-related and thermodynamic boundary conditions. We solve all air-related problems in the production process jointly with you: for an optimum process and for high and dependable quality in the products. More

Whether it’s new building work, modernization of existing buildings or operation of a production facility: the highest possible energy efficiency is essential for economical operation. From the planning stage to final modernization, for air-conditioning or for process applications: We will optimize your facility too. More

The functions of an air-conditioning or process air system can only be performed when the air distribution in the entire duct network conforms to the planning specifications. Using modern and mobile measuring instruments, we assess your application on the spot at your plant. Then we devise concepts to achieve a flow-optimized and/or performance-optimized application, and if requested we will implement that requirement. More

Various factors can have a detrimental effect on comfort inside the room. The result: complaints from users, reduced efficiency and even lost labour due to ill-health of the workforce. To evaluate and correct comfort problems like these, we offer on-the-spot measurements and optimization measures as part of LTG’s engineering services. More

To ensure optimum operation in induction systems, regular inspection is required. We would be glad to help you with primary pressure adjustment, setting, commissioning and other necessary tasks. More

Acoustic measurements are useful in many instances – for example when comparing different products and systems or in the case of an acoustic disturbance. Whatever the question or problem you have: skilled LTG engineers will be glad to help you solve them with modern and mobile measuring instruments. More

The separation of particles or fibers from air flows (filtration) is of major importance in many applications, e.g. fiber production or processing. As part of LTG’s engineering services, we will support you both in the configuration of new facilities and in the optimization of existing ones. We also help you with troubleshooting in existing facilities. More

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