Induction unit sill Installation
HFVsf Smart Flow

Unnecessary venting is a thing of the past with the SmartFlow  technology! The HFVsf adjusts the fresh air volume and cooling output to the currently requirements. This means minimum energy costs at highest comfort. It‘s an investment that pays off!

  • Highest energy efficiency by low primary pressures
  • Demand-controlled ventilation for all uses; easy change of use possible
  • Good client response through individual user influence
  • Economically and efficient even for renovation projects
  • High user comfort: Fresh air and cooling output can be controlled, extremely low-noise operation
  • Variable installation in sill for existing or new projects
  • With NFC technology: „Power-off and easy parametrisation and set-up with LTG NFC app
  • Complete control system solution

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

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With innovative solutions that are unique on the market, LTG is laying the foundations for an ideal room climate.

Example: LTG SmartFlow System. Induction technology redefined – air-conditioning to match demand
The LTG SmartFlow System offers optimum comfort and energy consumption even in changing load situations. The ideal flow configuration is selected depending on the required cooling capacity and fresh air quantity by opening air nozzles and regulating cold water valves ... more

Example: LTG Mixed/displacement ventilation - taking it to the limit without getting cold feet
The mixed/displacement air flow developed by LTG and incorporated into VDI 3804 permits high cooling capacity with high thermal comfort, and can be implemented in any LTG unit type ... more

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