Induction Unit HFF suite
ceiling installation

Five stars for efficient and silent ventilation, heating and cooling without a fan.

HFFsuite ensures an optimum climate and comfortable sleep in hotel rooms.

  • As quiet as a whisper even at maximum power: less than 24 dB(A)
  • Maximum cooling capacity in a restricted space, even with condensate-free operation
  • Highest thermal comfort: Induction control operated individually by user, adjustable air baffle elements
  • Very low operation costs: energy-saving, maintenance-free and hard-wearing induction technology
  • The perfect alternative to fan coil solutions: easy integration, economical for refurbishment work too
  • Complete control system solution

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

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Ceiling induction unit HFFsuite has been developed specifically for air conditioning of hotel rooms or ship's cabins. Learn more by looking at application solutions Hotel and Marine Travel

You have special requirements concerning building air conditioning? As a part of our Engineering Services we are happy to design for you a customized solution.

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