Fan Coil Unit ceiling Installation
LVC System Indivent

Hybrid displacement ventilation– customized air conditioning for any requirement.

LVC combines the benefits of fan coil units in system combination with high-induction LDB linear diffusers.

  • Optimum thermal comfort by low air turbulence and low flow speed
  • Efficient ventilation: Room pollutants are effectively removed by displacement „plumes“
  • Architectural design freedom
  • Flexible: a large selection of edge profiles permits integration of the air diffusers into any ceiling. Associated profiles can be combined individually and are available in all colour systems (e.g. RAL, Pantone...)
  • Room flow can be optimized simply by adjustable LDB linear diffusers

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LTG drives development in comfort air technology with basic innovation.

Example: The System Indivent – Hybrid displacement ventilation
Highest comfort by combination of mixed and displacement flow! With LTG induction devices or fan coil units ... more

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