UVC Steril Ventilation ceiling mounted appliance

Air disinfection for rooms with zero, poor or insufficient outside air ventilation.

The UVC SterilVentilation reduces the risk of contagion by aerosol-bound viruses (e.g., coronavirus and influenza). Independent to the HVAC system, ideal for new build or for retrofitting into any space, especially those without sufficient outside air ventilation.

  • Safe, ozone- and chemicals-free disinfection of the room air (patent pending).
  • Verified UV-C-shielding in accordance with UL 507, IEC 62471 & DIN EN ISO 15858.
  • High-performance UV-C low-pressure lamp with a documented sterilization rate of 99.99 % (log)
    against COVID-19.
  • Tried-and-tested LTG fan technology provides low noise, effective room distribution with flow rates
    up to 170 cfm.
  • UVC lamp service life of up to 16,000 hours, provides 24/7 continuous operation. No potentially contaminated filters to replace or dispose of.
  • 2-speed unit set to 120 cfm (normal) & 70 cfm (silent mode) available as standard, multiple speed version for up to 170 cfm (via 0 to 10 v input signal) available on request.
  • Selection program for the correct application of UVC units is available.

The UVC SterilVentilation is ideally suited to rooms with zero, poor or insufficient outside air ventilation, e.g., but not limited to …

  • Office and meeting rooms
  • Reception and waiting areas
  • Transportation hubs, airport gates and subways
  • K to 12, college and educational facilities
  • Treatment, nursing, and medical facilities
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Sports and indoor recreational facilities
  • Retail and large warehouses
  • Residential
  • Churches & public gathering areas and arenas
  • Any contained space with zero, poor or insufficient outside air ventilation

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