Air disinfection

The infection risk in rooms due to viruses, bacteria, and mold spores is known to grow if sufficient fresh air supply cannot be ensured. The UVC SterilVentilation secondary air sterilization unit has been developed for such cases. It is an innovative device that reliably deactivates the respiratory germs suspended in the room air with UV-C radiation. A patent is pending. Developed based on our blower fan technology, it meets even our high demands to acoustics and room flows.

At the moment, the new UVC SterilVentilation with a flow rate of up to 170 cfm is available for ceiling integration.

Ideally, comfort air disinfection supports the fresh-air supply that remains necessary by diluting the virus load. We have collected the most important facts on the operation of RAT facilities and provide recommendations for LTG air-water systems. See our coronavirus special page or the respective product pages for the corresponding notes.

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