Linear Diffusers LDU-W
floor installation

For offices, community facilities or living rooms: Highly inductive floor-mounted linear diffusers LDU-W ventilate, heat and cool rooms comfortably and draught-free, even with high temperature differences between supply air and indoor air.

Type LDU-W:      Linear air diffuser with foot traffic-resistant grille
Type LDU-W/H: Linear air diffuser with foot traffic-resistant grille and integrated reheater

  • Quiet and draught-free with highly efficient ventilation
  • Energy efficient: Thermal shielding of glass façades
  • LTG SystemDesign : permits different technical solutions for room air conditioning in different building areas under a visually consistent grid, also continuous banded appearance
  • Flexible design of exhaust grid
  • Ideal for raised access floors and hollow floors, easy to mount

pic_table_linear diffusers_LDU-W_LTG_us

With its persuasive and innovative solutions, LTG is playing a major part in shaping developments in air-conditioning technology.

Example: LTG SystemDesign - Flexible technology for floor supply systems with a consistent appearance
Different conditions and comfort requirements often call for different ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the same building. With LTG system design, different equipment can be installed for different air-conditioning systems under the same ventilation grille, affording when installed the same look inside the room ... more

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