Prefilter TVM

LTG's TVM pre-filter is used for coarse filtration. The primary airstream, carrying fibres and coarse particles, passes through a rotating filter medium with a mesh width matching the particles. The filter medium is continually cleaned by means of a fixed stripper nozzle which does not make contact with it. The separated and extracted coarse particles are fed to a separator by means of a conveying fan in the secondary circuit.

To filter out the coarse particles from large air streams, it is best to use an appropriate prefilter screen. Its characteristics are:

  • high air permeability
  • exact adaptation to the material to be separated by using different mesh sizes
  • good separation of various size particles
  • low maintenance

The advantages of LTG’s TVM pre-filter:

  • regenerative filter unit
  • no pressure fluctuations in the suction systemdue to continuous cleaning
  • space saving installation due to the disc shape and the compact design
  • optimum velocity is achieved by exact adaptation to the total air quantity
  • no fiber contamination of drive elements and easy Access by installation behind the prefilter screen
  • easy filter media Change
  • pressure drop is minimized by optimal airflow design


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