New overview brochure “Decentralized ventilation units”

Our latest brochure on LTG decentralized ventilation technology is now available for download. It includes all variants of our facade ventilation units for floor, wall and ceiling installation along with typical parameters.

The FVP family is particularly suitable for commercial buildings and uses the innovative PulseVentilation system, which in 2017 secured the prestigious Innovation Award of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. It allows fresh air to be drawn in to the space and used mixed air to be exhausted back out, using only a single opening in the building skin. Our decentralized solutions are also complemented now by the FVS Eco2School product line for classrooms, meeting rooms or event locations. While being used successfully for many years in Europe, this is brand new to the North American and Canadian Markets.

Additionally, LTG now offers Connected Intelligence, an onboard preprogrammed self-management system that offers an inexpensive and flexible automation solution for this and other LTG air-water products.

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