Record attendance at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2017

LTG’s participation at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart successfully ended on June 22nd, 2017. The organizer reports a record level of attendance, which was observable for LTG during the three busy days of the show. Numerous interested visitors informed themselves about LTG Fahrtwind-Simulators, which simulate wind with their unique tangential fan technology and are mainly used on test stands of the automotive industry. Special focus of this year’s participation was put on the drive solutions, which enable ergonomic testing and maximum mobility. The trade fair is one of the most important events for LTG, in order to get in touch with experts within the area of automotive test, evaluation and quality engineering. In addition to the professional quality of the visitors, their internationality was gratifying. Concrete impulses for new projects exceeded our expectations and are an indicator for the continuing success of LTG Fahrtwind-Simulators throughout this year. Find out more about our Fahrtwind-Simulators.

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