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Climate conditions are very important on passenger and transport ships: passengers expect to be comfortable, and all machinery and equipment have to operate without any trouble. The demands placed on climate-control systems on ships are especially tough: it is often necessary to compensate for extreme climatic conditions in order to ensure passenger comfort and suitable conditions for cargo. All components at sea are exposed to corrosive, salty air and must meet special structural requirements for ships while at the same time having to fit into narrow spaces, so LTG has therefore developed special solutions for climate control on ships. Discover what LTG has to offer: comfortable air-water systems, elegant and efficient air diffusers, and air distribution components.

LTG solutions for shipping and maritime travel ensure top-quality air on the high seas: LTG air-water systems, such as HFFsuite induction units, were developed specifically for air conditioning of hotel rooms and ship's cabins. They are an economical alternative to fan coil solutions. Thanks to their highly efficient induction technology they can operate with low system pressures and low air volume flows, thus minimising the operating costs for air conditioning. LTG air diffusers, such as the linear ones in the elegant and efficient LDB series, guarantee maximum thermal and acoustic comfort even with large air volumes. LTG air distribution components such as flow rate controllers, pressure controllers and shut-off dampers are perfect for precise control and shut-off of air flow.

Our engineering service will be glad to develop a solution tailored to your needs. We'll provide you with investment certainty already in the planning phase by defining key parameters like comfort, acoustics and air flow in advance, thus preventing unpleasant surprises. Just contact us!

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We take to these tasks "like a duck to water". We are familiar with the requirements of shipbuilding and have wide experience in the design of air-conditioning systems. Many of our products have been on the high seas for years, providing air of good quality to passengers.

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