Thermoprocessing / Process Engineering

Whether you are processing steel, aluminum, glass, rubber, foods, or pharmaceutics and whether you are heating, cooling, or drying in your application – our fans help to improve product quality and increase process safety. Fans by LTG offer an even airflow and are suitable especially for use under extreme temperatures.
Our tangential fans with their even airflow over large areas have proven themselves optimally at process temperatures of -292 °F to +1472 °F. Our centrifugal fans expand the industrial usage range – in low-, medium- or high-pressure design with different configurations and drive types, they are used in all thermal applications. In addition to their efficiency, LTG fans have very good acoustic properties. They also meet high demands in terms of explosion protection and are resistant to chemically aggressive environments.
Based on the wide LTG product range and with the help of our engineers, we will create the perfect solution for your application as well. Our technology and our team will face the challenging tasks – especially if you need perfect air distribution at extreme temperatures and very small installation spaces. Selecting a suitable fan we do not only observe the technical design parameters, but we think ahead as well. You can profit from the high process safety, outstanding product quality, and economic efficiency even after several years in use.

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Air is often the ideal medium for heat treatment facilities, industrial furnaces and thermal process systems. We offer all three flow configurations - axial, radial and tangential - and a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Process Engineering

Corrosion and harsh environmental conditions are a frequent problem in chemical, mechanical and biological process engineering, and it is essential here to have reliable air technology components.

Surface technology

Whatever method of surface treatment you use - painting, powder coating, galvanising or sand blasting - optimum air technology will improve the quality of your products and make your system more cost-effective.

Drying Technology

Drying systems with short throughput times, low residual moisture and high efficiency are in big demand. We can help you with sophisticated air technology that ensures uniform air distribution throughout the entire process and simplifies your design.

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