Power Generation Technology

In power generation there are many processes that would be inefficient without optimum cooling and suitable air technology. When designing a system like this, engineers have to take a wide range of air flows into consideration right from the start and find highly reliable solutions. LTG offers fans with air flows of every type: axial, centrifugal and tangential. Many power stations use heat retrieval systems which achieve high efficiencies thanks to effective fans. Our axial fans with high volume flows have proved their worth in these applications. Fresh air and return air systems with a high pressure level must be supplied with variable quantities over long distances. For this purpose we offer a wide range of centrifugal fans with high operational safety. Our tangential fans have proved to be excellent for cooling transformer coils and cores. High-performance fans provide reliable cooling for small transformers and have reserves for high ambient temperatures. Other applications involve switchgear for supplying electric current. Here we have special versions of our fans for dealing with high currents, long periods of operation and application-specific characteristics. LTG’s engineering services resolve theoretical and practical issues at an early stage by means of CFD simulations and calculations.



LTG fans have found many uses in power generation and have proved their worth. Do you require large air quantities for key systems? We can provide highly efficient LTG axial-flow fans that are suitable for the job. If, on the other hand, high supply pressures are important to you, we can assist you with one of our many different LTG centrifugal fans. And for very special applications requiring a uniform supply of air to large areas in machinery and systems with limited available space, LTG's tangential fans can provide a solution. Small fans in the G/T 25 - 90 series are designed for very small applications in electronic components or switch cabinets, mid-sized fans in the T 125 - 200 series are suitable for most applications with normal installation parameters, and large fans in the VQ 200 -1000 series can provide solutions in very special applications. It goes without saying that all of our fans are available in special versions for high temperatures and aggressive media - ask us!

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