Pasta Machines

Drying is a key process in the industrial production of pasta. Why not opt for an innovative drying system and speed up your drying process with LTG tangential fans? Noodles and pasta in their many forms are among the most popular foods worldwide. But before they are packaged for sale and find their way to the table, they have to undergo a variety of production steps. Automating this process for industrial production presents some big challenges. The most difficult step from the engineering point of view is drying. This applies in particular to long or tubular forms of pasta such as spaghetti or macaroni. Drying removes moisture from pasta, strengthens its structure and gives it a long shelf life, at the same time enhancing its appearance and consistency. The critical parameters in drying are air speed, humidity and temperature. This is where LTG tangential fans come in. They provide perfect air flow and climate control. Thanks to their special design, they generate a homogeneous air flow which prevents sticking of the dough strings and allows precise, uniform treatment. These fans apply air to the entire width of the area being processed, bringing about a significant improvement in efficiency. The drying time is considerably shortened, which saves energy and cuts costs. The fans are made of stainless steel in order to comply with hygiene standards, provide high-quality products and ensure reliable production. The results are impressive: pasta of the finest quality.

Our product portfolio includes fans in all designs and sizes. LTG fans for food machinery are available with special materials, seals etc. Fine-tuned design is particularly important in this area. LTG centrifugal fans are used mainly for air circulation, and our popular LTG tangential fans distribute air very evenly over large areas. Applications include circulation of hot gases, drying and flash freezing of food. Preferred by machine manufacturers throughout the world, these fans operate efficiently and help to produce food of the finest quality.

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