Meat Processing

We’ll help to equip your smoking system with state-of-the-art technology. You too can increase your capacity and save energy by recirculating air. Smoking of meat and sausage requires considerable skill. But to operate a smokehouse cost-effectively, engineering know-how is just as important. The atmosphere in a smoking process is essential for the quality of the product, including its aroma and appearance. LTG centrifugal fans have proved their worth in many smoking systems by distributing and conditioning the air in an optimum manner. The products receive uniform, gentle treatment. High-capacity recirculating fans shorten the processing time, increasing the system’s capacity and reducing energy consumption.

Our product portfolio includes fans with superior performance in all designs and sizes. LTG fans for meat processing and smoking can be supplied with special materials, seals, etc. Fine-tuned machinery is particularly important in food production. LTG centrifugal fans are used mainly for air circulation, and our popular LTG tangential fans distribute air very evenly over large areas. This is because of their ability to distribute air very evenly over large areas. Thanks to their compact design and 90° air deflection between the intake and discharge sides, tangential fans save space and can be used efficiently in many configurations.

Ask our engineering services team for advice. It can analyse your processes, develop new concepts and provide expert support in any task involving air Technology.

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