Air-conditioning in offices and administrative buildings is nowadays standard, and also crucial for the wellbeing and hence the efficiency of employees. The most important criteria here are thermal and acoustic comfort plus high energy efficiency.
At the same time, economic and practical requirements have to be met: for investors, service life, investment costs and operating costs are paramount, while an operator focuses on high dependability and easy maintenance. Different room uses also call for different solutions as early as the planning stage: for sensible air-conditioning concepts for open-plan or individual offices, different requirements apply than in conference rooms or lobbies.
In modern and energy-efficient systems, fresh air supply and thermal load removal are considered separately, with the air quantities being reduced to the required extent and controlled to match demand. Buildings with a special architecture or modernisation work present additional challenges. It is often important here to use a suitable room flow – such as the LTG-developed mixed/displacement air ventilation – for screening thermal loads from glass facades and ensuring a complete and convenient cleansing of the frequented area with fresh air – even with large room depths or unfavourable floor plans. LTG caters for all these requirements in both new buildings and modernisation projects, offering individualised solutions for either of them: with energy-efficient air/water systems, attractive air diffusers and precise components for air distribution. For special requirements we would be glad to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.

Whichever concept you decide on – sturdy LTG Induction induction units, classic LTG FanPower  fan coil units or decentralised LTG Decentral units – with LTG air-water systems you will find the right concept for every installation situation, with maximum thermal and acoustic comfort yet very small dimensions and optimum energy efficiency. Coordinated LTG control systems ensure optimum operation. LTG Connected Intelligence   offers an inexpensive and flexible automation solution for LTG air-water products. The System permits demand-based and room-matched ventilation and air conditioning with or without a building automation system (BAS)

The innovative LTG PulseVentilation concept has been developed especially for office application, as well as the patented LTG SmartFlow system for demand-controlled ventilation with induction units and LTG System Indivent  with its combined mixed/displacement air flow.

Ideal and low-noise distribution of treated air in the room – in critical applications too – is assured by LTG air diffusers. They stand out for their outstanding technical function and attractive appearance with many architect­onic design options. They are also available with the patented LTG System clean  and acoustically optimised plenum boxes SilentModule. System solutions with metal diffusers are available especially for cooling and metal/stucco ceilings. All floor-mounted units can, thanks to LTG SystemDesign, be designed with a uniform appearance.

Components for LTG air distribution round off the planning for an energy-efficient HVC system with a full range of pressure controllers, variable and constant flow rate controllers plus valves and accessories in round and angled designs. They measure and control with maximum precision, for particularly energy-­efficient Systems.

For effective air disinfection, the UVC SterilVentilation secondary air sterilization unit has been developed. It is an innovative device that reliably deactivates the respiratory germs suspended in the room air with UV-C radiation. A patent is pending.


LTG Air-Water Systems

LTG Induction

LTG FanPower

  • Fan coil units floor VKB/SKB
  • Fan coil units sill VFC, QVC (displacement air flow)
  • Fan coil units ceiling VKH

LTG Decentral

LTG Connected Intelligence

LTG Air diffusers

LTG Air distribution

  • Flow rate controllers constant VRW/US

LTG Air disinfection

LTG Engineering Services

For an ideal climate concept and the highest possible security for your planning and investment we are at your side with our Engineering Services. We support you with:

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Innovative air flows

  • LTG mixed/displacement ventilation: Builds on the benefits of displacement air ventilation to achieve high cooling capacities and excellent thermal comfort even in very deep rooms.
  • LTG System Indivent: Displacement air ventilation turned on its head: outstanding comfort thanks to a combination of mixed and displacement air ventilation delivered from the ceiling
  • LTG SmartFlow: Energy-efficient on-demand ventilation and optimised comfort thanks to the load-adaptive control of the induction ratio in induction units
  • LTG TransientFlowTransient and highly inductive pulse ventilation for high thermal comfort combined with exceptional energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient techniques

  • LTG demand-controlled ventilation: Active control from within the room of the required outside air volume and minimised energy costs for air conveyance and preparation.
  • LTG hybrid Ventilation: Simple combination of mechanical and natural ventilation designed to minimise energy costs and increase the maximum available cooling capacity
  • LTG direct induction: Induction method using decentralised supplied air units to go beyond the physically possible cooling capacity.

Innovative product design

  • LTG SystemDesign: All floor units and floor-mounted air diffusers have a uniform appearance irrespective of their function or system
  • LTG System clean: In LDB linear air diffusers, a narrow air screen flows along the ceiling to prevent soiling and to minimise renovation and cleaning costs.
  • LTG SilentModule: A modular system for air boxes that can be adapted for use in different wall and ceiling structures and are pre-equipped with cross-talk sound attenuators.
  • LTG Eco2School: The innovative complete system for school ventilation. An external air grille for supplied and return air, thermal comfort without secondary heating, plug-and-play
  • LTG PulseVentilation system: Decentralised and non-stationary air conditioning, cost-effectively implemented using one of the oldest concepts in the world: breathing.

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