Building Air Conditioning

Fresh room air with a pleasant temperature increases well-being at home and at work. LTG offers the technology to create this perfect climate, e.g. with induction units, fan coil units and decentralised ventilation units, air diffusers and components for air distribution. Standard solutions for office buildings or very special climate control solutions for museums or schools, with technology or design at the focus – almost nothing is impossible.
We meet the highest demands in terms of comfort and efficiency and offer customised air conditioning concepts for any use and installation situation – with optimised performance and best thermal comfort. This includes pioneering control concepts, such as demand-controlled or hybrid ventilation, to meet the higher demands for energy efficiency and sustainability.
From the design phase onwards, we consider ourselves your reliable partner and are available for you with advice and support thanks to our know-how. Many years of constructive cooperation with many of our customers proves that this path leads to success.
Are you an architect, planner or investor, and are you looking for a customised solution? Do you want only the best for your building project? Your air conditioning technology will be in good hands with us.


Air-conditioning in offices and administrative buildings is nowadays standard, and also crucial for the wellbeing and hence the efficiency of employees. The most important criteria here are thermal and acoustic comfort plus high energy efficiency. For new buildings or (energy) modernisation, LTG offers a customised system solution!


It is in comfortable areas such as hotels and restaurants where expectations from air-conditioning are very high: the highest priority is the wellbeing of the guests – in particular their thermal and acoustic comfort. Depending on the place used – hotel room, lobby, conference room, spa area or restaurant – a variety of solutions make sense.

LTG offers the right solution for all these requirements – learn more here!


Poor concentration and reduced learning capacity in schools and educational institutions is a frequent problem. And no wonder: up to 30 pupils in one classroom require a high quantity of fresh air to ensure a healthy room climate. But in practice this can't be achieved with mechanical (window) airing during the brief breaktime airing periods. Find out more!


Medical facilities such as hospitals and care units with a hygienically sensitive environment place particular demands on ventilation and air-conditioning systems. They not only have to meet the comfort standards of both personnel and patients, but also comply with minimum hygienic requirements such as minimising microorganisms in the room air while also being energy-efficient.


Controlled climatic ambient conditions in laboratories and research institutes not only ensure dependable and reproducible results, but are also essential due to statutory requirements: high standards apply here for safety, health protection and environmental conservation. This must also be assured by dependable regulation and shut-off of volumetric flows of air.


The requirements that modern production places on a sensible air-conditioning concept for industrial building are wide-ranging. They centre on precisely defined conditions such as temperature, humidity or room air quality. Also crucial are of course financial factors such as investment and operating costs and the economic efficiency of the facilities.

Shops & Sales

To make shopping as pleasant as possible for customers, and even to make an experience of it, shops and shopping malls need a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to attractive design of the sales rooms and a product presentation to match, a pleasant room temperature and air quality are essential.


In the service of art and mankind – ventilation and air-conditioning systems in museums and cultural institutions have to walk a tightrope between a wide range of requirements: on the one hand creating comfortable room conditions for a large number of visitors, and on the other hand providing a constant climate for artwork and exhibits.


Due to the diversity of their function areas, airport buildings have to meet complex requirements for their air-conditioning technology. From the terminal building with large room height and often large glass facades to protected areas subject to special security guidelines or shops with bright and friendly yet heat-generating lighting concepts – in every case an energy-efficient air-conditioning concept is needed that provides for pleasant temperatures while effectively removing thermal and substance loads.


Controlled home ventilation is being used in more and more modern houses and flats – with good reason. Due to the particularly good tightness of windows and doors, these homes have an optimum energy balance, but can often no longer achieve a sufficient change of air. An unhealthy atmosphere, stale air and as the worst case mould can be the result.

Special Solutions

The demands made on a sensible air-conditioning solution are as varied as the buildings and applications themselves. In some projects, stricter requirements or project-specific factors result in particular challenges that are insoluble using conventional concepts. Together we can find a tailor-made solution for your project!

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