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Tailor-made filtration solutions.

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LTG Comfort Air Technology

Discover highly efficient air-water systems, attractive air diffusers and precise components for air distribution.


Air-Water Systems

Air-water systems represent for modern building services an energy-efficient solution for ventilation and air-conditioning of rooms. Whether it's an INDUCTION UNIT, a CHILLED BEAM, a FAN COIL UNIT or a DECENTRALIZED VENTILATION UNIT – individual requirements for cooling capacity, acoustics, comfort and installation situation result in selection of the most suitable system.


Air Diffusers

Air diffusers are crucial for the operation and efficiency of air-conditioning and ventilation systems. They permit an ideal distribution of treated air inside the room plus effective removal of thermal loads – important criteria for health and wellbeing.


Air Distribution

Products for air distribution are crucial for economical operation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems. They permit optimum distribution of supply air and return air, and check or control the air flows from the central ventilation unit to the room.



For over 90 years now, LTG Aktiengesellschaft has been a pioneer in the field of ventilation and air conditioning technology, constantly leading the way with its forward-looking innovations. With innovative air flows such as the convenient LTG mixed/displacement air ventilation, which provides high cooling capacity coupled with high comfort, energy-efficient processes such as LTG's on-demand ventilation, or innovative product designs such as the LTG SilentModule or LTG AirPanel, we have registered numerous patents that create tangible added value for our customers.


LTG Process Air Technology

Discover powerful fans, dependable filter systems and high-efficiency humidifiers.



We offer a wide range of tangential, axial and radial fans with all types of flow configuration for greatly varying operating conditions. Whatever your application, benefit from our high-quality products and their superior characteristics: compact design, rugged construction and high resistance to temperatures and media.


Filtration/ Humidification

The systems made from LTG filter components have a modular design and are continuously self-cleaning. They efficiently filter and separate solids such as particles, dust, fibres, chips and granulates from the production process, thus recovering valuable materials or disposing of waste that can no longer be used. LTG high-pressure humidifiers and air washers provide constant humidity and cooling in production processes.


LTG Engineering Services

Whether it's a room flow or wind tunnel test, a CFD simulation, an experimental measurement or a product validation/development: benefit from our expertise!


Laboratory Test & Experiment

At our outstandingly well-equipped research and development centre, we have two amply sized and flexibly usable room flow laboratories, an echo chamber as per DIN EN ISO 3741 and numerous test rigs. That enables us to provide competent and reliable answers to questions about air-conditioning and process air: whether it's identifying an unwelcome noise in a production facility by means of an acoustic measurement, visualising flows in machinery or rooms by means of CFD simulation, HD camera or laser sections, or optimisation of thermal comfort based on a room flow test. With LTG's engineering services you can check your air technology plans in advance or exploit to the full the potential of your existing facilities.


Field Measurement & Optimization

LTG's engineering services test and optimise your ventilation concept or production process, live and on the spot. We use modern measuring instruments to conduct, for example, comfort measurements, general function tests and optimisations of (induction) systems in terms of their energy efficiency and their thermal and acoustic comfort. In production facilities, we improve their performance, for example by means of an ideal flow and heat distribution or adaptation of filtration processes. Sound measurements and adjustments in the vicinity of machinery and at work stations also allow us to minimise stress due to sound and in so doing help to improve working and production conditions.


Simulation & Expertise

Whether it's an air-conditioning concept or a new production process – the investment costs are often very high, so it always makes sense to minimise the risks. Simulation of a planned solution using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) or a model test allow plans to be verified and then adapted and optimised before they are implemented – both for a new product and for improving an existing one. That ensures dependability and also saves time and money. Experimental comparisons of various systems or assessment of planned or completed modernisation work also ensure dependability for building owners, operators and investors. Base your decision-making on the experience we have gained over decades, in conjunction with the latest measuring and simulation methods!


R&D & Start-up

An innovative and inventive spirit are what set us apart – and these qualities are applied by LTG's engineers to achieve an ideal result for your HVC or production facility. We provide support for you when commissioning, including advance laboratory tests to verify computed planned values for acoustics, comfort, volumetric flow, flow pattern or pressure. Do you need increased output or do you have only limited space available? Are you looking for a one-off solution that doesn't exist "off the peg"? As a manufacturer of air technology components, we are there for you at all times when it comes to adapting existing units to local structural conditions or jointly developing a new product. Set us a challenge!


LTG – The Innovation Company

Since more than 95 years, LTG Aktiengesellschaft is a pioneer in air and climate technology. Traditionally, LTG is always one step ahead with pioneering innovations. Inventions made us great and are still our strength. This is evidenced by our recent awards. We are especially proud of winning the “Innovation Award” of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg 2017 for our worldwide unique comfort air concept for decentralized ventilation, the breathing ventilation system PulseVentilation. Furthermore, we were honored as “BEST OF” at the Industrial Award 2016 for our product the industrial air diffuser ILQsf.  In addition to these product-related awards, in 2016/2017 we were awarded with the seal “Innovative through Research” by the German Stifterverband for special commitment to research and innovation.


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