Centrifugal Separators / Cyclones ZSA

The air stream enters the separator tangentially at the top, creating a rotating airflow (vortex). By centrifugal force the dust or liquid particles are moved along the outside wall where they are separated and, in spiralmotion, slide into a collection device (plastic bag). It is also possible to mount an LTG dust compactor below the separator. In the lower part of the housing, the air stream is forced to reverse and flows upwards through the immersion tube.

Cyclones in the ZSA series are typically used where low pressure losses and small quantities of material (up to 50 kg/h) are involved.

pic_table_seperators compactors_zsa_LTG_en

ZSA centrifugal separators are particularly suitable for separating dust-like materials with a low proportion of fibres and granulates. They are used in a wide range of industries:

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