Functionality of Filtration Technology

Customised filter solutions. For clean processes and healthy working conditions.

LTG Aktiengesellschaft offers a modular system of filter components individually adaptable to your process conditions.

The system parameters such as air quantity and concentration of fibre and dust particles, are already incorporated into the design at the planning stage.

The various filter stages

Coarse filtration

A continuously self-cleaning prefilter separates fibres and coarse particles using a filter media. The vacuumed off coarse particles are taken to a separator with a conveying fan.

Fine filtration

A continuously self-cleaning fine filter separates any dust still remaining in the airstream almost completely. The airflow through the filter drums is from the inside to the outside. The dust collects on the filter media, is continuously vacuumed off by rotating nozzles and passed to a cyclone separator.

All drive elements are located on the clean air side.

The filter surface is adapted to the requirements by changing the number of filter drums.

Secondary airflow 1 and 2

The cleaning of both prefilter and fine filter is done by suction nozzles.The necessary pressure and volume flow is generated by fans. Fibres and dust are discharged without pressure from the respective secondary circuit. The fibre compactor and the cyclone, if required with an additional compacting power screw, are used for this.

The materials recovered can be returned to the production process.

the principle of LTG Filtration Technology



  •  High filtration Output
  •  Recovery of valuable materials
  •  Continuous Operation
  •  Energy-efficient
  •  Pressure surge-free
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Modular and space-saving structure
  • Low operating costs
  • Direct installation at the production process is possible
  • High performance density
  • Long service life of filter media
  • Explosion-proof models according to ATEX available
  • Process temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Customer-specific solutions

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