Axial Fans VAN

The VAN low-pressure axial fan is a highly efficient fan with optimum aerodynamic characteristics. It has a high volumetric flow rate even in its small sizes, allowing it to be used in central units with limited space. It is designed with a welded steel housing. The impellers have 10 twisted blades with laminar profiles from the NACA 16 series, and they are made of high-alloy cast aluminium for very high circumferential speeds and optimum efficiency.


  • High volumetric flow rate
  • Optimum aerodynamic characteristics
  • High efficiency
  • Energy-efficient drives
  • Characteristic curve with limit rating (no motor overload under operating conditions differing from optimum design range)
  • Low noise thanks to aerodynamically efficient impellers and housing contour
  • Rugged design for long service life
  • For use under extreme conditions (e.g. high temperatures, aggressive media)
  • ATEX explosion-protected versions available
  • Customised solutions

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