WLTP/RDE/CFR§1066/WMTC vehicle test
Fahrtwind-Simulators VQF

LTG’s compact VQF airstream simulators have been specially designed for use in roller test rigs, but they can also be used universally for other cooling or incoming-flow simulations. An important characteristic is their 90° air deflection, which permits installation in a very small space. These units can even be placed right next to a wall without detriment to their aerodynamic values. Their particular strength is a uniform airflow over the entire discharge width of the fan.

LTG’s VQF airstream simulators comply with all the relevant guidelines, such as WLTP, RDE, CFR Section 1066 or WMTC, and can be supplied in compliance with the EMC guidelines of the German automotive industry (EMV-ILA).

Areas of application include the automotive industry and test labs in mechanical and process engineering. They feature the use of LTG tangential fans, with a flow principle offering crucial advantages.

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