LTG Process Air Technology

Process air technology is a traditional field of activity for LTG. Our air technology solutions are being used in a wide range of industries and are installed in machinery of all kinds. Thanks to our wealth of experience and engineering expertise, we can offer products that are perfectly matched to the given applications, such as our high-efficiency fans and LTG filtration & humidification systems. They provide an ideal foundation for efficient and reliable production processes, and you as a customer can count on superior quality and dependability.


We offer a wide range of tangential, axial and radial fans with all types of flow configuration for greatly varying operating conditions. Whatever your application, benefit from our high-quality products and their superior characteristics: compact design, rugged construction and high resistance to temperatures and media.

Tangential Fans

The principle of tangential fans provides an elegant and efficient solution for many applications requiring uniform air distribution over a long distance.


Centrifugal Fans

LTG's radial fans can be found in every imaginable application, and in a wide range of designs and drive types. The spectrum extends from low-pressure to high-pressure models, and there is a fan with a power characteristic matching the specified operating point for every requirement.


Axial Fans

LTG axial fans are continuous flow machines that convey air or gases. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring high volumetric flows. The fans come in a wide range, from low-pressure to high-pressure models, and for every requirement there is a fan with a power characteristic matching the specified operating point.



LTG airstream simulators are based on our highly efficient axial fans (VAF) or our proven tangential flow technology (VQF). The range extends from standard products to complete test rigs tailored to the needs of your customers.


The systems made from LTG filter components have a modular design and are continuously self-cleaning. They efficiently filter and separate solids such as particles, dust, fibres, chips and granulates from the production process, thus recovering valuable materials or disposing of waste that can no longer be used. LTG high-pressure humidifiers and air washers provide constant humidity and cooling in production processes.

Here you can find out more about how LTG Filtration Technology works.


LTG filters mechanically separate solid particles from waste air in machinery and factory buildings. The filtration takes place in several different steps depending on particle size and required air purity. There are three basic steps: coarse filtration (also called pre-filtration), fine filtration and micro-Filtration.


Separators and Compactors

Our separators and compactors remove filtered materials from the production cycle.



LTG humidification systems are used to humidify and cool high-comfort spaces and production areas. LTG air washers too use water to humidify and cool the air. In contrast to high-pressure humidifiers, they additionally achieve a washing effect on the flow of air. Both systems create precisely defined climatic conditions. Many technical processes, such as those used in textile or paper processing, require such conditions to achieve high-quality results. The components and systems are modified in order to meet the specific climatic requirements of each application.


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