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Simulation & Expertise

Whether it’s an air-conditioning concept or a new production process – by simulation of a planned solution using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) or in a model test, plans can be verified and then adapted and optimised before they are implemented. That ensures dependability and also saves time and money. We’ll support you with the experience we have gained over decades, in conjunction with the latest measuring and simulation methods! You’ll find an overview of our services here. But we’ll also be glad to take up other challenges. We look forward to receiving your call!

Both in air-conditioning and process air-related questions, a CFD simulation (CFD = computational fluid dynamics) can help to save costs and prevent unnecessary failed tests or complex test positions. More

In both air-conditioning and process air systems, implementation of an efficient flow concept represents the basis for economical operation. Whether it’s for a new or an existing process – we support you in the implementation or optimisation of air flow concepts. More

Old HVAC systems often operate inefficiently and have a high energy consumption. In times of rising energy costs optimisation of a system is an investment that quickly pays off. More

It is often the case that there are a variety of possible solutions or systems for an air-related problem. Comparative measurements between the alternatives can then be useful for reaching a soundly based decision. More

The implementation of new production processes often entails considerable investment costs. But a residual risk always remains as to whether a plan with the forecast results can be implemented in actual practice. The minimisation of this residual risk not only protects the investment, but also represents one of the most important fundamentals for product quality. More

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