Calorimetric Performance Measurements

Are you uncertain whether the air-conditioning units in your facility are performing right? Are you noticing a drop in performance in your air-conditioning system and can’t determine the reason? LTG’s engineering services will help you find the cause and then help you to rectify the problem.

LTG’s engineers use a modern calorimetric test rig to determine the actual cooling/heating performance on the water side of air/water systems such as induction units and fan coil units with 2-line or 4-line systems. The measurement provides information on the caloric output, flow and pressure loss ratios at the design point and also in partial-load mode.

These are determined in actual practice by various parameters such as structural factors, differing discharge contours, sill casings, discharge and intake grilles or the discharge direction. All these local factors are if necessary simulated and taken into account for laboratory measurement too. This allows their effect on the caloric output or pressure loss to be determined and the appropriate parameters to be optimised by experiment at the same time – if required also using the original units and sill casings. A solution to the problem can therefore be achieved under the given conditions by, for example, design adjustments to the unit or sill, by changing a grille or by adapting the system on the spot.

Do you need a verification of performance for a unit? Are you looking for the causes of sub-optimum operation of your system? Get in touch with us!

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