Model Scale Tests

Implementing a new and as yet untested ventilation and air-conditioning concept for a building involves risk. But in processing applications too, processing parameters such as large-area flows, a homogeneous heat transfer or consistent temperature distribution often represent crucial aspects for a consistent quality in a product of which the operation has to be assured without any compromises.

Without practical checking, however, operation and hence the investment costs too are uncertain. To safeguard the planning and the investment, it is therefore sensible to test previous theoretical concepts by experimenting in a model test, to determine operating limit, stability and comfort before implementation. During testing, boundary parameters can still be altered and adapted at low cost: in an air-conditioning concept, comfort, energy efficiency or flow can be optimised as a result; in processing applications it is performance, cooling or separation that are optimised. As a rule, the results of a model test can be transposed without any problem onto the real situation.

The LTG room flow laboratories are ideal for room flow tests in any scale. From four to fifteen metres long and from about three to six metres high, every expansion stage is possible to create a true-to-the-original test environment. Even ceilings and walls can be moved without problem. Depending on requirements, original ceilings or facades can also be installed. Timber walls are as a rule simulated with their original contours. If the planned project has extremely large dimensions, we conduct the tests in a representative model scale.

Using modern measuring equipment such as HD cameras and LED or laser sections, we make visible the flows and corresponding flow lines inside the room or in processing applications, then we analyse them and devise a flow-optimised and/or performance-optimised solution. For maximum comfort and reliable results.

Check your planning before implementation to avoid unpleasant surprises. The LTG engineers would be happy to assist you – just contact us!

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Development of an air flow pattern in a railway wagon
for maximum thermal comfort

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