Experimental Evaluation

Air-conditioning units and components for building air-conditioning are tested and optimised under standardised laboratory conditions in terms of their acoustics, cooling/heating capacity, room flow and/or thermal comfort. In practice, however, building conditions frequently do not match those in the laboratory. For example, details such as projecting edges on walls or disruptions in the air supply affect the performance of a unit or the air speeds inside the frequented zone. Some examples of this are:

  • Disrupted discharge direction of air-conditioners
  • Disruptions in air duct upstream of volumetric flow controllers
  • Use of work surfaces even outside the frequented zone or clumsy placing of office furniture

To ensure the functionality of a planned air-conditioning concept, it is wise to perform measurements in advance in order to assess possible performance reductions and take steps to compensate for them in the air-conditioning components.

But in process technology equipment too, there are cases where a thorough overhaul of the air-related components in a facility makes sense; for example for product optimisation or further development. Depending on the type, design and installation of a new component in a production process, for example a fan, a considerable potential for optimisation can be identified here.

As part of LTG’s engineering services, we assess air-conditioning units or process air components either directly on the spot in their real installation situations / production facilities, or we simulate these conditions in our highly adaptable room floor laboratory. It is possible there to simulate the actual structural factors both at actual scale and in a scale model. Thanks to the very latest in measuring technology, we can simulate a very wide range of applications and environmental conditions: our services include the visualisation of air flows, volumetric flow or pressure measurements, thermal or acoustic measurements and much more besides.

We use specific load cases to assess a planned design, make recommendations for action, or make appropriate adjustments to the intended products. That way we develop, depending on the problem, an optimum solution: an increase in the thermal or acoustic comfort, a higher energy efficiency or optimised flow paths, the aim being an ideal production process.

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pic1_engineering_labor mock-up_LTG_350x265
Development of a decentralized, minimally invasive air-conditioning
with ideal mixed-/displacement ventilation for the
Deutsche Historische Museum, Berlin
pic2_engineering_labor mock-up_LTG_350x265
Documentation of the thermal comfort in an open-plan office

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