LTG Air Panel

The first invisible ceiling-mounted air diffuser for efficient ventilation and optimum comfort in rooms of all types is now available in the form of the “DSA AirPanel” ceiling air diffuser system, which consists of an attractive, visible Knauf air panel on the ceiling surface and an LTG AirPanel diffuser installed in the ceiling. Integrating the elements in this way means that except for the presence of a narrow gap, the ventilation element is practically unperceivable. Unlike conventional air diffusers, which are always clearly visible, the “DSA AirPanel” ensures effective ventilation even through the ceiling, without draughts, and is fully integrated into the ceiling’s aesthetic design. Thanks to LTG’s innovative flow technology, the system produces an optimum ceiling-level airstream with uniform temperature distribution, and consequently an agreeable room climate. Of course, the sound-absorbing properties of the acoustic ceiling are preserved, with the result that this innovative product provides genuine added value.

The LTG Air Panel was developed in collaboration with Knauf and is available in two different variants: either with conventional round holes or as a modern variant with elegant square holes. The Air Panel consists of a rigid external aluminium frame and an internal cover that can be folded out and completely removed, and which houses the air diffuser element.

DSA AirPanel

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