LTG Intelligent Industry
with System Smart Flow

With the LTG SmartFlow system, LTG has for the first time combined, in the industrial diffuser ILQsf , a mixed and a displacement air diffuser permitting operation with variable air quantities and effectively removing pollutants from the frequented area even with a minimal supply air flow. The mixed air diffuser works to the induction principle: the supply air treated by the central unit exits the mixed air diffuser highly pulsed, sucks in room air, and mixes with the latter. The result is a strong air jet that stabilizes the flow regardless of the temperature. Thanks to the induction effect, this already works with one fifth of the maximum flow rate. Additional air is discharged at low speed via the displacement air diffuser only when higher air quantities are needed, such as to cool a building with slight under-temperatures. A mechanical element automatically distributes the air between the mixed and displacement air diffusers.

Flow video cooling mode
Flow video heating mode

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