Innovative Control Technology / Connected Intelligence

On-demand ventilation even without a central building control system. With decentralized control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-capable

With “LTG Connected Intelligence” LTG is offering an inexpensive and flexible automation solution for your air/water systems. The new concept, based on decentralized MSR technology, permits on-demand and room-matched ventilation and air-conditioning independently of the building management system, as Connected Intelligence devolves the control tasks to the local level. To do so, the controllers include product-optimized and verified control circuits for room temperature and air quality, plus interfaces to commonly used sensors and room control units. Communication inside an air-conditioning zone is in an open Modbus protocol. This facilitates implementation of a connected and decentralized intelligence as well as later expansions. LTG Connected Intelligence is suitable for both new structures and modernization projects. In all cases, investors benefit from inexpensive hardware, easy installation and parametrization, and comprehensive functions to ensure energy-optimized ventilation and temperature control of the rooms.

Structure of the decentralized control technology LTG Connected Intelligence
  • Decentralized control intelligence
    Product-optimized and verified control circuits for room temperature and air quality have already been integrated into every unit by the manufacturer
  • Low or reduced installation/operating costs
    Significant reduction of software/hardware data points and DDC costs thanks to less expensive and more compact components / LTG board
    Considerably reduced wiring work
    Shift of services away from the site towards industrial assembly
    Inexpensive stand-alone solution is possible for small zones, with no additional equipment needed
  • Open bus system, independent of manufacturer
     Connection of various sensors is possible: sensors for water, outside, room and supply air temperatures, condensate, CO2/VOC content, presence, window contact
    Modbus has been established for decades now and every MSR manufacturer offers solutions for it
    Can be combined with all building management system manufacturers, meaning easy incorporation into existing systems
  • Scalable and flexible
     Subsequent switching to a building management system is possible
    Subsequent expansion using sensors without additional modules
    Retrofittable for existing systems Inexpensive stand-alone solutions for small zones are achievable without further hardware
    Special control systems such as tangential ventilation, hybrid ventilation, after-ventilation are easily implemented

The video can also be found on Youtube with English subtitles.

Decentralized control intelligence

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