Induction unit sill Installation

The induction unit for any application – equally suitable for new construction and renovation objects.

Comfortable air conditioning even for complex installation and room situations! Energy-efficient cooling and heating!

  • High comfort by LTG mixed/ displacement ventilation
  • Many versions are suitable even for special requirements like narrow or low sills
  • High heating/ cooling output
  • Low-maintenance, proven and robust
  • Air volume and pressure can be selected individually

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

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Established by the founding fathers of air technology and air-conditioning, LTG is still leading the way today with its pioneering innovations.

Example: Mixed/displacement ventilation in an extended comfort zone
The mixed/displacement air flow adopted in VDI 3804 was developed by LTG. It combines high cooling capacities with high thermal comfort. Thanks to optimised air distribution elements, it can be implemented in any LTG device ... more

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