Induction Unit Floor Installation
HFB / HFB sf Smart Flow

Compact and powerful. Flexible and efficient.

  • Optimum comfort and energy efficiency for different load situations by LTG System SmartFlow
  • Demand-controlled ventilation (optional) for all applications
  • With LTG SystemDesign : for a consistent look in all rooms, even with combination of different ventilation and air conditioning systems in the false floor
  • Simplified maintenance via the floor grille and easy access to heat exchangers

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

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Established by the founding fathers of air technology and air-conditioning, LTG is still leading the way today with its pioneering innovations.

Example: LTG Mixed/displacement ventilation in an extended comfort zone
The mixed/displacement air flow adopted in VDI 3804 was developed by LTG. It combines high cooling capacities with high thermal comfort. Thanks to optimised air distribution elements, it can be implemented for all LTG devices ... more

Example: LTG SystemDesign - Flexible technology for floor supply systems with a consistent appearance
Appearance and room effect are essentially determined by the architecture. LTG SystemDesign permits different technical solutions for room air conditioning ... more

Example: LTG System SmartFlow - Induction technology redefined. Demand-oriented air conditioning.
In conventional induction units, the achievable cooling capacity is closely linked to the induction ratio and therefore on the primary air volume. It also determines the resulting flow configuration. However, the required fresh air supply rate in the building depends on the number of occupants, while the cooling capacity is primarily a function of the solar input. For the purposes of energy efficiency, it makes sense to decouple these functions. LTG induction units from the SmartFlow  system solve this problem by offering up to three different operating and flow modes ... more

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