Fan Coil Unit sill Installation

Fan coil unit with many different uses – always the best flow form, especially in hotels and office buildings with strict acoustic requirements.

It offers versatile possibilities for design of air distribution systems.

  • Particularly for low sills (installation height: 280 mm)
  • Energy-efficient: high cooling output with low power consumption
  • Highest comfort by mixed/ displacement ventilation
  • Desiccant operation possible
  • Maintenance-friendly construction
  • Fresh-air connection possible

LTG Connected Intelligence: On-demand ventilation even without a central building control system. With decentralized control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-capable.

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

With its innovative developments in air-conditioning technology, LTG has played a major part in shaping current standards.

Example: Mixed/ displacement ventilation in an extended comfort zone
The mixed/ displacement air flow developed by LTG and incorporated into VDI 3804 permits high cooling capacity with high thermal comfort. It can be implemented in any LTG unit type ... more

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