Combination of fan coil unit and
linear air diffuser, VKL

Highest thermal comfort with the patented Air Distribution LTG SystemIndivent!

  • Unique combination of fan coil unit and high induction linear diffuser
  • Ambitious design: Only a slim linear diffuser is visible and fan coil unit is hidden
  • High-performance at low noise level
  • Maintenance without additional inspection opening  (Video)
  • Optimal solution for retrofitting, new construction and renovation
  • Flexible: two variants
    -  for installation in ceilings (VKL), discharge downwards
    -  for installation in walls (VKL-W), horizontal discharge

LTG Connected Intelligence: On-demand ventilation even without a central building control system. With decentralized control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-capable.

We have compiled the most important facts and information on operation of air conditioning systems.

LTG drives development in comfort air technology with basic innovation.

Example: The System Indivent - Hybrid displacement ventilation
Highest comfort by combination of mixed and displacement flow! With LTG induction units or fan coil units in combination with our highly inductive LDB linear diffusers permits sophisticated implementation of this comfortable room flow... more

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