School application –
FVS Eco2School

The FVS Eco2School  product line permits decentralised ventilation of classrooms, meeting rooms or event locations. In addition to thermal comfort and mould-free interiors, the systems quarantee compliance with the german VDI 6040 specifications.
Suitable for new construction and refurbishment, easy to integrate into the ceiling or on the wall.
Air flow rates up to 990 m³/h for rooms with high occupation density.

  • Our overview brochure LTG Decentralised Ventilation Units” provides an overview and the most important data.
  • Typical installation situations in ceiling and wall of our FVS-600 school ventilation units can be found here.
  • Wolf Hartmann, CEO of LTG Aktiengesellschaft, explains in an interview with Dirk Rehfeld, editor of KK-Kälte, in detail the advantages of a decentralised system and for which requirements it is worthwhile using it. Find out more on our  Youtube channel.

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