Decentralised ventilation unit FVP-pulse-D
ceiling installation

The award winning system PulseVentilation  for maximum efficiency and flexibility

The barely visible ceiling unit is particularly suitable for floor-deep glazing without a raised floor. It can be combined with various ceiling elements (e.g. lamps).

All versions of the FVP family are able to imitate organic air movement thanks to the PulseVentilation system, in order to allow buildings to breathe “naturally” through a single facade opening. The very high heat and cold recovery that can be used around the year ensures an energy-efficiency that is unique in the industry. The transient flow with mixed displacement ventilation leads to a very high thermal comfort even at low supply air temperatures.

  • Decentralised heating, cooling, dehumidification and filtering with instationary ventilation through only a single facade opening
  • Unique economic efficiency through highly efficient heat reco very (heat recovery efficiency up to 90 %) and demandoriented control concepts
  • Draft-free and low-noise pulse flow up to 130 m3/h (260 m3/h in hybrid ventilation mode) with optimal ventilation effectiveness
  • Great effective area increase due to loss of central air conditioning unit, shafts, duct system and fire dampers
  • Lowest power consumption by minimised pressure loss (approx. 20 W per unit), corresponding to 10 % of the SFP specification of the German Energy Conservation Ordinance (EnEV)
  • Year-round heat recovery reduces the investment costs for central heat supply

An overview of all versions of the FVP family incl. technical data can be found in our brochure "LTG Decentralised Ventilation Units".

LTG Connected Intelligence
On-demand ventilation even without a central building control system. With decentralised control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-capable.

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Example: LTG  Demand controlled ventilation
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Example: LTG System PulseVentilation
With FVPpulse, LTG presents a new development that replicates the natural movement of the air and consequently helps buildings “breathe” ... more

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