Decentralised unit FVP pulse-B
floor installation

Time to breathe! Simply natural ventilation and air extraction  with only one fan and one facade opening.

Fresh outdoor air is cyclically supplied (breathing IN) and exhaust air exhaled (breathing OUT) on the same path. A valve system controls the direction of the air.

  • Instationary air flow: Air conditioning with high ventilation effectiveness and thermal comfort by impulse ventilation
  • Economical solution thanks to low investment and maintenance costs
  • Only one facade opening, very simple structural integration without flow short circuit
  • „High operational reliability thanks to innovative design and control concepts
  • Innovative ventilation concepts can be implemented: Demand controlled ventilation, cross-ventilation, hybrid ventilation...
  • With LTG SystemDesign : for a standardised appearance in all rooms, even when differing ventilation and air-conditioning systems are combined in double floors

LTG lays the foundations for perfect room climate with innovative and unique solutions.

Example: LTG PulseVentilation – time to breathe
With the pulsated facade ventilation unit FVPpulse, LTG Aktiengesellschaft is presenting a new development that simulates natural air movement and so enables buildings to “breathe” ... more

Example: LTG TransientFlow - pulsed flow to enhance thermal comfort
The extent to which the room is cooled is limited to ensure the thermal comfort of people in the frequented area. High cooling capacity means high volume flows and low supplied air temperatures at the unit's air outlet. However, in the frequented area, it is precisely this combination that leads to draughts – the most frequent cause of discomfort ... more

Example: LTG SystemDesign - flexible technology for floor supply systems with a consistent appearance.
Appearance and room effect are essentially determined by the architecture. LTG System Design permits different technical solutions for room air conditioning ... more

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