Decentralised unit FVD/ FVD Plus
floor installation

Airing occupied rooms (outer zones) via the facade using outside air, including cooling and heating.

Type FVDplus: with additional integrated tangential fan
1. operation with fresh air intake only (same as FVD)
2. operation as a recirculating air unit without outside air intake
3. operation with fresh air intake and recirculating air

  • High thermal capacities thanks to direct induction, i.e. fresh air supply (outside air) with room air (recirculating air) admixed before the heating and cooling cools
  • For low floor heights
  • Extremely economical – reduced maintenance, servicing and operating costs as there is only one fan and one outside air flap
  • Only one opening for supply air and exhaust air – for maximum latitude in facade design
  • Step-by-step subsequent expansion possible using additional modules
  • With LTG SystemDesign : for a standardised appearance in all rooms, even when differing ventilation and air-conditioning systems are combined in double floors

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Established by the founding fathers of air technology and air-conditioning, LTG is still leading the way today with its pioneering innovations.

Example: Mixed/displacement ventilation in an extended comfort zone
The mixed/displacement air flow developed by LTG and assumed into the VDI 3804 permits high cooling output at high thermal comfort. It can be implemented in any LTG device type with optimised air distributors ... more

Example: LTG SystemDesign - Flexible technology for floor supply systems with a consistent appearance.
Different conditions and comfort requirements often call for different ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the same building. With LTG System Design, different equipment can be installed for different air-conditioning systems under the same ventilation grille, affording when installed the same look inside the room ... more

Example: LTG Direct Induction - considerable increase in capacity  by using induction
It is possible to achieve a considerable increase in capacity by using induction to increase the volume flow through the heat exchanger. To do so, the outdoor air is first mixed with the room air, and this mixed air is then passed through the heat exchanger ... more

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