Decentralised Unit
FVS Eco2School
ceiling / wall installation

Controlled CO2 level without external noise and fine dust/pollen

The FVS Eco2School product line permits decentralised ventilation of classrooms, meeting rooms or event locations. In addition to thermal comfort and mould-free interiors, the systems quarantee compliance with the german VDI 6040 specifications. Suitable for new construction and refurbishment, easy to integrate into the ceiling or on the wall. Air flow rates up to 990 m³/h for rooms with high occupation density.

  • Highest air quality: energy-efficient, draught-free and low noise
  • Guaranteed compliance with the german workplace ordinance (ArbStättV) and VDI 6040 incl. the required minimum external air change
  • Clearly reduced risk of infection and less sick leave
  • Protection of the building structure, prevention of mould formation
  • Interference-free lessons and lo west fine dust/pollen content by effective filtering of the outside air
  • Energy-saving through high-efficient heat recovery (> 80%)
  • Individual regulation as required: via time or CO2-/VOC-Sensor
  • Plug-and-play solution: fast and easy retrofit incl. control system
  • A single facade opening for fresh air and exhaust air
  • Space-saving dimensions
  • Different installation options available
  • Typ FVS-600 for air flow rates up to 720 m³/h.
  • Type FVS-1000. Large air flow rates up to 990 m³/h. For larger classrooms and seminar rooms, assembly and meeting rooms, laboratories and all non-residential buildings.

An overview of all versions of the FVP family incl. technical data can be found in our brochure decentralised ventilation units.

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