Decentralised ventilation unit
type FVP pulse-D

Time to breathe! Simply natural ventilation (supply and return) with only one fan and one facade opening.

  • Instationary air flow: Air conditioning with high ventilation effectiveness and thermal comfort by impulse ventilation
  • Economical solution thanks to low investment and maintenance costs
  • Only one facade opening, very simple structural integration without fl ow short circuit
  • High operational reliability thanks to innovative design and control concepts
  • Additional variants for installation in sills (-V) and false floors (-B)

Example: LTG  Demand controlled ventilation
Building ventilation systems have to perform several different tasks: ensuring the health of the occupants, i.e. by supplying sufficient high-quality air, guaranteeing thermal comfort, and protecting the building, i.e. by removing humidity. That is why the standard distinguishes between a person-related air volume and a building-related air volume ... more

Example: LTG System PulseVentilation
With FVPpulse, LTG presents a new development that replicates the natural movement of the air and consequently helps buildings “breathe” ... more

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