Pressure controller DRF active

Precise, energy-saving, with flow rate measurement and Active Control

The rectangular pressure controllers DRFactive maintain a required constant pressure inside a room or supply air/return air duct and are also used for shutting off air lines. Used for example in conjunction with LTG induction units. Control and regulation are achieved with external energy (electric).

  • Optimum use of your plant's energy-saving potential by reducing required pressures
  • Reduction of control expenditures
  • With additional flow rate measurement and ActiveControl 
  • Wide control range for differential pressures up to 1000 Pa
  • Wide measurement range 1...10 m/s

Strong effect: LTG Map Measurement ActiveControl

  • Highest measuring accuracy among all renowned measuring systems for small air flow rates
  • Combines very short installation length with maximum control accuracy for small air flow rates
  • Entryflow-insensitiv due to optimized air flow to the measuring element
  • Deviation max. 5 % of Vnom

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