Pressure Controller DRE

The round pressure controllers DRE maintain a required constant pressure inside a room or supply air/return air duct and are also used for shutting off air lines.

They are suitable for use with polluted or chemically laden air.
The static pressure in the duct or room is measured. The required set value is compared with the actual value of the measurement point, and the control valve is operated accordingly until the actual value matches the set value.
Control and regulation are achieved with external energy (electric).
The housing is provided with plug-in end pieces with insertion groove for a lip-seal gasket, to fit air ducts according to DIN EN 1506 or EN 13180.

  • Optimum use of your plant´s energy-saving potential by reducing required pressures
  • Reduction of control expenditures
  • Possible combination of spring return / high-speed drives
  • Optional with additional flow rate measurement
  • With dynamic (DRE) oder static  measuring principle (DRE-s) available

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