Flow Rate Controller variable
VRE active

Unique and Ingenious: LTG Map Control.

Designed for supply pressure-independent control of constant or variable air flows in round air lines of air-conditioning systems. Complete shut-off is also possible.
For dynamic (VREactive) and static (VREactive-s) measuring.
Control and regulation are achieved electrically (with external energy).
The housing has plug-in end pieces with lip seal gasket to fit air ducts according to DIN EN 1506 or DIN EN 13180.

  • Highest measuring accuracy among all renowned measuring systems for small air flow rates thanks to LTG map control
  • Energy-efficient - minimum pressure drop due to small differential pressure element
  • Very short installation length, entryflow-insensitiv, very easy integration
  • Optimized design with particularly airtight closure
  • Also available with static differential pressure measurement - suitable for laboratories and hospitals


pic_table_flow rate controllers_VREactive_LTG_en

LTG has long been a trailblazer in air technology and air-conditioning, and always one step ahead with its pioneering innovations.

Example: LTG Map Control. Differential pressure + Damper setting = Flow rate
Contrary to common measuring techniques, the differential pressure is not measured using an upstream element such as orifice plate or differential pressure sensor ... more

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